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Trip Log 2/15: Roses are red, rock cod are too. Lots of quality tacos but no signs of blue. Some (none) call me the Edgar Allen Poe of our generation.....Felt great to get on the water and were treated to some awesome winter time rock cod fishing, blue skies, whale watching, and plenty of Nat Geo moments with lotssss of life just south of the border. No signs of early Bluefin or Yellows but didn’t search hard either... #seastheslay
Find you a woman who smashes #mahimonday like @justeenjennings ! More importantly cherish the shared moments and experiences spent on the water together. I’ve been blessed to have some great days/catches but this is my finest! Also worth noting that this was JoJo’s first dorado... sharing that moment is something impossible to describe #seastheslay
January’s journal post is up - A Year in Review & What’s on the Horizon for 2020. “It’s hard – scratch that. Borderline unfathomable that the first year of this Seas the Slay journal has come and gone. It’s harder yet to find the words that adequately summarize the experiences, doors that have opened, friendships that have formed, and most importantly my appreciation for those along the way for the first 12 months of this journey. Not to mention the immense amount of invaluable lessons learned in the inaugural year!” This particular post pays homage to those Top 10 vital lessons learned from 2019 and shines light on what’s on the horizon for 2020. I look forward to sharing more details - stories - fishing adventures with you all. My sincerest thank you for the feedback, love, and frankly surprising support I’ve received to date! #seastheslay
My brother with a quality winter model from the Eastern Sierras. Looking forward to putting in some time up there with him over the next couple months to learn a fishery I’ve been dying to tap. Also planning to start mixing in more & more fly fishing this year so recs, tips and/or ideas appreciated! #seastheslay
#mahimonday - they grow em big down in Costa Rica. Pair of quality Dorado thanks to @superfly_sportfishing #seastheslay
I’m extremely stoked (& frankly humbled) to share the first rendition of my newest project, “Faces of Fishing” - featured in Pacific Sportfishing Mag. Our first feature spotlights none other than Duane “Diego” Mellor @duanediego , “a guy that needs little introduction to those in tune with our local fishing scene”. Very appreciative to have this opportunity - thanks Bill DePriest, and even more so thanks to Duane’s time and willingness to collaborate here. I enjoyed getting to know him better and hearing his story into fishing - I hope you all do as well (link in bio)!

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