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Bigger the boat bigger the kook right? At a loss for words...but truth be told this boat is way out of our league and feeling overwhelmed with excitement & thankfulness. Excited to officially intro “Reel Lady” she’s a beast! #seastheslay
Maybe the most rewarding and frustrating part of fishing is being at the mercy of your own decisions. Opted to gamble and look at some water down south instead of the “sure thing” yellowtail bite at the islands. Found what we were looking for but still have a lot to learn about getting them to bite when they’re picky. Nonetheless humbled and committed to the pursuit of these pelagics. #seastheslay
“Deliberate. Then be deliberate.” - Matt W. Words to live to by as I try to learn the discipline of slowing down, reading the water and surroundings prior tossing a line or fly. No more does this apply than fly fishing. #seastheslay
Catch & Release shots from June’s Student of Slay (link in bio) trip to Orvis Colorado Fly Fishing School in Beaver Creek. For me, one of my main goals here is to become a well-rounded angler and fly fishing has always been a fascination I’ve neglected. After spending 2 days in the mountains learning the foundations of from an excellent staff/program - I’m more motivated than ever to further my pursuit on the fly. #seastheslay
Probably sounding like a broken record but awesome seeing so much tuna in our waters again this year. Since we couldn’t get any to bite on yesterday’s afternoon session figured I would post another friend’s - who is killing it on her trips so far this season! Stoked for @vonfleck getting another really nice grade BFT! #seastheslay
We might not have won (or even made it in time for weigh ins - 8 minutes late) but you would be hard pressed to find a team that had more fun. Such an awesome weekend and awesome day on the water. Team PaddyWhompus - beer counts > fish counts. Thanks @bdoutdoorsdotcom for hosting such a rad event!

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