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‘Tis Wahoo Wednesday and I’m stuck on a plane/in meetings all week so scrolling through some pics from past trips. This one from a truly epic day with @odyssea_sportfishing_kw #seastheslay
It was a hell of a weekend that most definitely did NOT go as planned. Friday night we lost our port engine on the backside of SCI. We endured an unexpected 10 hour ride through the night just to arrive as the AM masses headed out to tap the local Yellowfin hotspots. The timing for this is far from ideal but it’s unfortunately all part of the game. Hoping to have her back up and on the hunt shortly but in the meantime we limped around to our favorite SD bay spots for some Sunday funday action. #seastheslay
#tbt to one of the coolest experiences I’ve had on the water. Very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with @local_knowledge crew as the film/follow boat. That alone was rad but watching them pull up a local monster bluefin was all-time and definitely will make for a great episode I can’t wait to watch. Thanks again for having me out! #seastheslay
Trip Log: Mellow Yellow day. Scratched up dos Yellowtail and uno Tuna and treated to an awesome Elvis showing on the way home. Big dude let us slide over him 3-4 times. Purple fever may have set in....#seastheslay
“Old” Fish, New Tricks. July Student of Slay post is up (link in bio) and hopefully very applicable to this current all-time local Bluefin bite. Feel very fortunate to get to learn new tactics and spend time with some great, fellow fishing fiends such as @bdoali Another awesome trip in the books - hope you enjoy the stories and can share in my lessons learned on these as well! #seastheslay
Trip Log 8/4: Bluefin fishing is definitely not for the faint of heart. We suffered our first true heartbreaker of the season when a very mean & big tuna broke off of our 80# outfit after a LONG battle. It was devastating to watch the fish swim away after getting to color and seconds away from gaff but I’m hopeful we will find redemption soon. #seastheslay

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