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October’s Student of Slay trip was a deep shot at redemption in the epicenter of daytime swordfishing, Florida Keys with @captchasefulton in hopes of bagging my first broadbill. The wait lingers on but the desire does not wane. #seastheslay
0 for on the right kind. 4 for on the bait kind. Might be allergic to swords but as @captchasefulton said - “first one is always the toughest.” Rad Islamorada quick trip despite losing our 1 ⚔️ bite of the day. Full story in the works. Side note if anyone needs to make squid, I’m your guy. Got that deep drop calamari game dialed. #seastheslay
Great couple days with the LK crew. Incredible weather, plenty of laughs and 1 or 2 beers had. #seastheslay #localknowledgetv
Trip Log 10/14: Columbus Day solo (+ the dog) exploration for fall bounty. Pushed off at noon and sailed the seas that more mimicked a lake. Got 1 of what I was looking for and treated to an absolutely Nat Geo sunset show of foaming fish, dolphin, birds, and even our “beloved” seals inhaling the mass of bait at 9 mile. #seastheslay
As I wrote my most recent journal post (in bio) about swordfishing locally here in So-Cal with @pacificbillscharters I contemplated which picture/video to use here. I intentionally chose this clip and left it completely raw. My reason being is my trip, like many others’ who have been dialing in this deep-drop program on the West Coast, this is what a lot (or all) of your day looks like. Burning out your eyeballs staring at a rod trip. I went into last month’s trip fully expecting to skunk. But regardless got to spend the day learning the rigging, invaluable dropping tips and a lot of time spent chatting about the history as well as present state of our local fishery. The conditions are ripe and being a hopeless optimist, I will undoubtedly take a few more shots at a local swordy! #seastheslay
Want to give a special thank you to Jeff and the entire @hhmarinesd team. They burned the midnight oil and then Jeff personally opened up early to help launch us and get us back on the water. Grateful for the hard work and exemplary customer service! #seastheslay

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