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Trip Log 9/22: Summer may be over but the good times on water are not. Beautiful day on Lake Pacific and although slower overall for us - being there when someone catches their “first” is priceless. Pure stoke for Kaila on her first Yellowfin tuna. No hook and hand needed here! Overall, went 3 for 3 finding a big school that was extremely reluctant to bite hooked baits or jigs. Also had a chance to pitch a bait at a sleeper marlin with no luck. The ocean was alive today despite these yellowfin acting like their bluefin cousins. #seastheslay
Watching and marveling. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, than what is a firsthand live show battling on a lifetime fish worth? I’m going to drop an obvious cliché but also the truth - priceless. Stoked to see how tomorrow’s episode turns outs and very fortunate to be a small part of! #seastheslay #localknowledgetv #bdoutdoors
Trying to get over hump day like.... My brother torturing me with his recent fishing pictures and videos from back home. Rad slo-mo shot of some Coho making their run. #seastheslay
August’s Student of Slay trip post is up (link in bio)! “One of my biggest goals with this journey is to intentionally start crossing off the now ever-growing list. It’s not coincidental that the “Silver King” was atop the list of non-local species.” #seastheslay
What’s on your fishing bucket list? As I put the final touches on my next journal post (going up tomorrow) from August’s Tarpon trip, I reflected on my “Fish List” I jotted down back in December prior to starting this side project. The list remains ever-growing but I plan to continue crossing off as many as possible throughout this journey. #seastheslay
Wrastled some dinosaurs on an insane pre-storm bite today. Thank you @captainericdavis for showing me a super rad fishery and checking Tarpon off the ole fish list. Full story/article with more pics coming soon - slay tuned! #seastheslay

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