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Trip Log 5/15/19: Thank you Trev for the quick-strike late afternoon/evening session yesterday. Really nice change of pace to fish right up the road and find some local gold in our backyard. These fish and these trips never get old. Stoked for more days on the Mercado this season and glad we caught the calm before the storm! #seastheslay
Trip Log May 10/11: What a weekend! Day 1 went on the hunt for bluefin and rewarded with a big one! Teamwork made the dreamwork on this fish and super cool watching @carterrawson on the stick kill a big fish in less than 30 minutes. Day 2: No repeat love from the bluefin but found some beautiful water and fun yellowtail paddy fishing. Not to mention a “few” cervezas consumed and incredible sunset. This season is definitely starting out right! #seastheslay Link to full story in bio!
2 years ago I was lucky enough to spend the day at Tsukiji Fish Market while traveling through Japan. We were blown away by the variety, volume and overall culture of fishing here. Learned a lot about the historical and present day importance of fish to the Japanese. Definitely an experience of a lifetime and one that will never be forgotten.
Trip Log 5/2: We zigged when we should have zagged. Yesterday afternoon we looked at a lot of warm blue water, but came home with an empty bag - no bluefin. These are the days that you really take note of, evaluate what you could have done differently and ultimately learn from and earn the good days. This process is 100% what keeps me coming back and pushes my progression as an angler. #seastheslay Side note: @airpilikia picture from last season on some very local foamer fishing. 🤞we get more opportunities like this one.
Here’s a quick excerpt from this month’s Student of Slay article I just posted (link in bio): A Quintessential So-Cal Islands Trip. “This day epitomizes what fishing should be. No pressure or expectations to get on full limits. No agenda besides being in the moment and taking advantage of the endless learning opportunities on the sea. Just two guys who were super stoked and fortunate to be in the place we were, fishing purely for fun”. #seastheslay
“Today was for the soul.” - JT

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