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#tbt - to a Purple Fever teaser. Surface sword tempting us on a bait-less ride back to the barn....Lesson learned: Always keep a couple macks handy in the livewell. Eager to start logging deep-drop days & perhaps get lucky on the pinnacle So-Cal catch - surface ⚔️ #seastheslay
Twofer Tuesday - doubles action on the bow. The tuna eluded is this Memorial weekend but plenty of stoke to be had on the inshore/island variety. #seastheslay
Trip Log 5/24: There’s something about bluefin fishing that makes me want to drink 28 beers.....not our day - we sucked. Lots of this view today but plenty of season in sight! #seastheslay
Trip Log 5/21: Learned a valuable lesson yesterday: Forget the ice then no need for the soy & rice. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Fun run to test new props & fresh services courtesy of @hhmarinesd #seastheslay
Trip Log 5/17: Sunday funday w/ the girls! After a 200 mile day yesterday - I swore I wasn’t coming back to the boat today.... sure glad we did! #seastheslay
A couple see-food selects from this week. Definitely more kook than cook but my love for the final stage (as food) of the fishing process is probably understated. First is a backyard staple: local Yellowtail as sashimi & also grilled w/ Saraspe green sauce recipe + Toro sashimi. Second: local Spot Prawns caught by @saraspeseafoods prepped as carpaccio + sautéed over arugula & peppers + a few raw for the soy. Trying to mix in more content besides the standard grip & grin pics (although I love those!) so hopefully you enjoy! #seastheslay
Quick clips from an epic Key West fishing trip with the legend – Capt. Rush Maltz at Odyssea Sportfishing. The weather, conditions and fishing were all time! Wahoo, Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Kingfish, Black Grouper, Yellowtail Snapper, Bonito – just to name a few of the species!
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